Head of the Center: PhD in Political Sciences,  Gafar Galandar Mehdiyev

ADDRESS: I educational building of UNEC
Contact phone: 00994503116175, 00905396626115
e-mail: eiamerkezi@unec.edu.az

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RESEARCH CENTER FOR ARMENIAN ECONOMY   was established by the Decision No. 155 of the meeting of the Scientific Council of   Azerbaijan State University of Economics dated November 24, 2017 and the order of the Rector of UNEC No. 296/3/2018.

According to the order of the UNEC Rector No. 699/3/2019, the management of the center on a voluntary basis was entrusted to Gafar Galandar   Mehdiyev, PhD in Political Sciences.

On the initiative of Gafar Chakhmagli, the Republic of West Azerbaijan in Exile was declared… (moderator.az – 10.05.2020)

Armenia’s weak, Azerbaijan’s strong economy: results of the analysis (22.10.2019)

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Head of  R.C – G.G Mehdiyev, Turkey, Head of the Department of Armenian Studies, Ergiyes University (Kayseri), PhD in Political Sciences



-Babayev Tariyel Akbar  – lecturer, “Armenian language and literature” department, Ergiyes University (Kayseri), Turkey

-Jabbarli Hatem Gulu  – Turkey, Gazi University, PhD in Political Sciences; Center for Analysis of International Relations, Armenian language teacher

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