Department of Further Education

Director of the Department: Garibli Emin Adil

Contacts: +(994) 12 492-65-64


The Department provides supplementary education through retraining and re-preparation of the staff. We carry out the activity in accordance with the “Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Education” approved by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on June 19 2009, “Procedure for the contents, organization of the supplementary education and the issuance of the relevant document to those who have been educated” and the relevant provisions of the Statue of Azerbaijan State University of Education.

Majoring on “World Economy” and “Finance” is carried out in the groups of higher education, but “Financial Affairs” on the groups of the secondary specialized groups.

Admission for the Retraining is implemented twice a year. Education period is one year.

Contacts: 492 65 64

Information about the content of the students studying in Retraining
in 2014/2015 academic year 

Major I course II course
Gr.101,102,103 Gr. 104,105 Gr. 95,96,97 Gr.98,99,100
1. World Economy 20 - 39 11
2. Finance 96 67 134 63
3. Financial Affairs(secondary specialized education) 41 17 73 20
Sum: 157 84 246 94
Total: 581
1049 1