Alakbarov Murad Niyaz


Date of Birth: 11.07.1989 – Baku city


Work experience


UNEC Center for Distant, correspondence and additional education – specialist (2014-2016)

Secretary of the UNEC faculty of Finance and Accounting (31.03.2017 – 01.2020)

Since January 2020, he has been Secretary of UNEC.


UNEC Turkish World Business Faculty, Bachelor: International Relations (2007-2011)




UNEC Turkish World Business Faculty, Magistracy: International Relations and Diplomacy (2012-2014)

Award: In July 2016 he was awarded the UNEC Rector’s Honorary Award for his efficient work.

Foreign languages: Turkish (good), English (pre-intermediate)

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UNEC Delegation at the Uludagh University of Turkey (11.07.2017)
Turkish Experience in the Management System of UNEC (04.07.2017)