Aliyev Yusif Nadim 

Aliyev Yusif Nadim oghlu was born in Saatli region in 1977.

He got the Bachelor’s Degree in Communication in Selchuk University of the Republic of Turkey in 2003. In the year of 2005 he completed the graduate education on the same major and became a Master of Science; within 2005- 2006 Y. Aliyev was enrolled to the Doctoral Program of the same university in Public Relation-Advertising, completed the training program and successfully completing the doctoral minimums passed to the dissertation phase.

N.Aliyev has been making reports on Public Relation, Organizational Behavior and Advertising in many conferences, forums and workshops, functioned in the Governing Council of Turkish World Social Sciences, Business Administration and Corporate Social Responsibility Conference and took active part in organizing conferences.

He began the labor activity at Azerbaijan State University of Economics as a teaching staff of the Faculty of Turkic World of Business Administration in 2007, then became a senior teaching staff and currently is a Deputy Dean of the Faculty.