A New Science Field in “Science Month” – Econophysics

11 MARCH 2019 | VIEWS:

The next discussion within the framework of the “Science Month” held in UNEC to ensure effective organization, management and development of scientific activities is dedicated to the topic of “New Science Areas – Econophysics”.

The rector of UNEC, professor Adalat Muradov said that one of the events planned to be held in “Science Month” covers new fields of science. Noting that one-sided science is not topical in the modern era, the rector pointed out that new discussions would be held on econophysics appeared in the second half of 1990s as a new science. Taking into account the lack of information on the econophysics, the rector emphasized that for the first time the views of representatives of different sciences from different angels would be summarized. Speaking about the importance of conducting research on the development of the country, A.Muradov said that the Center for Econophysics was created in the UNEC and famous scientist Shakhlar Askerov would head the centre.

Professor Shakhlar Askerov made a speech with the presentation on “From Economics to Econophysics”. He pointed out that today’s interfields and interdisciplinary sciences had attracted more attention, and recent developments had shown that similar processes are taking place in joining of physics and economics, resulting in a new science-eonophysics. In explaining the definitions of econophysics in his speech, the scientist gave detailed information about his research objects, purpose and object, commenting on the application of physics in the economy with mathematical models.

Said Jafarli, a UNEC graduate, researcher at the National University of Malaysia,  taking part in the event spoke about his research on econophysics.

After the speeches, discussions were held on the field of econophysics and other issues.

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