Econophysical view to the prices of energy carriers

24 OCTOBER 2019 | VIEWS:

An event on the subject of “Econophysical view of Energy Carriers Prices” was held at the UNEC  Research Center of Econophysics. 

Rector of UNEC, Professor Adalat Muradov said that the event, which had been held within the framework of Science Week, was dedicated to the new field econophysics. The rector who said that UNEC had great scientific potential to become a world-class university, emphasized that they would use this potential to succeed in new fields of science such as digital economics and econophysics. The rector said that econophysics had emerged from the intersection of two sciences, adding that at today’s event there would   be an econophysical view of the prices of energy carriers.

Professor Shakhlar Askerov, head of  UNEC  Research Center of Econophysics, made a presentation on the topic. In his presentation, he used the reports of the International Monetary Fund and the International Energy Agency to explain the impact of energy on economic development. Sh.Askerov. who said  that the welfare of the population is better in the countries with rich energy resources  showed the macroeconomic indicators of some countries and their energy dependence per capita with graphic illustrations.  At the end of the presentation, the professor put that question in front of the audience: “Which way should we choose for our progress? increase or reduce  energy prices?”

After the questions were answered at the event, discussions were held. The discussions highlighted the importance of providing an economic view of prices of energy carriers. It was noted that countries with low energy prices had more attracted the attention of foreign investors.

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