To the attention of the students of the bachelors level of study: one semester study at METU

18 DECEMBER 2017

The UNEC gives  the opportunity to the students of the bachelors study to participate in the exchange spring semester through the “Non-erasmus” program at the Middle East Technical University.Wishing to participate in the program should meet the following requirements:

1.Should study in the Bachelors level of study;
2. Minimum grade-point average should be 90 (in the 100 point assessment system);
3. They should have excellent comprehension, writing and speaking skills in English.

The required documents:

  • Academic transcript (by indicating the grade-point average);
  • The document certifying the English language skills: reference or certificate (TOEFL, IELTS);
  • The copy of the foreign passport;
  • The copy of the student’s identification card;
  • 2 photos of 3×4 size.

You can find the Middle East Technical University lesson codes in the relevant faculties through the given link:

Deadline for the application is: December 25, 2017.

The scholarships have not been envisaged for the participation in the exchange. The student will cover only the travel and accommodation expenses. For more detailed information, contact Parvin Pashayeva, the employee of the International Cooperation Department of UNEC. Telephone: (012) 492 60 45