Clarivate Analytics organizes webinars


WoS webinars 2

Under an agreement between   Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Clarivate Analytics, more than 40 higher education institutions have gained access to “Web of Science®”  scientific platform.

The opportunity for Azerbaijani researchers and scientists to have access to the world’s most rated and prestigious scientific journals, conference materials and monographs plays an important role in communicating the research results of our scientists to the world academic community. As a result of cooperation, since 2018, Azerbaijan is the leader among the countries of the South Caucasus in terms of the number of publications on “Web of Science®” platform.

Clarivate Analytics traditionally organizes monthly webinars only for its partners. The main purpose of the webinars is to provide scientists and researchers, as well as administrative staff with basic knowledge and skills related to the publication of scientific publications and data analysis. These webinars are conducted by the company’s leading and internationally certified experts.

Clarivate Analytics invites   the academic staff of UNEC  to participate in these webinars.

Schedule of first fall webinar sessions

September webinars will be held in 3 directions:

- Web of Science: a search engine for scientific information

- Analysis of scientific information: Information tools offered by Clarivate for scientists and administrative staff

- Practical advice for publishing in international journals

 The main condition for participation in webinars is pre-registration.


 The webinars are completely free and everyone who participates under the specified conditions will be awarded a certificate at the end.