One year scholarship program at Indonesian universities

04 JANUARY 2018

The Indonesian Government offers the one year “Darmasiswa” scholarship program for the 2018-2019 academic year for the students interested in studying the Indonesian language, art and culture at the Indonesian universities. In this academic year, 3 out of overall 650 course quota has been allocated to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The students, wishing  to participate in the Darmasiswa program should have the following indications:

  1. Social minded student;
  2. Should be finished the secondary school or should have the equivalent education;
  3. The minimum age limit should be 17, and not more than 35 years old;
  4. Should be single;
  5.  Should be able to speak in English or Indonesian languages (the certificate in TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS or the valid certificate in English);
  6. Certificate of health;
  7. Should have the general knowledge in the field of application.

The following documents are required for the participation in the scholarship program:

  1. CV;
  2. Certificate of health;
  3. After reaching Indonesia, the minimum duration of the validity period of the passport should be at least 18 months (the envisaged expiry date: August 1, 2018);
  4. The official blank and signed recommendation letter from the higher education institution (in English);
  5. Academic transcript (in English);
  6. The certificate confirming the language skills (the corresponding);
  7. The essay on the applicable area (in English or Indonesian languages, maximum 500 words);
  8. Relevant certificates on the applicable area.

To participate in the scholarship program, it should be required to submit all the documents by registering on the official website of  Darmasiswa program:

The timetable for the 2018-2019 year Darmasiswa program is as follows:




1 Online registration

December 18, 2017-January 18, 2018

2 The interview in the Embassy of the Republic of  Indonesia in Baku

February 18 – March 3, 2018

3 The initial stage of the academic selection March 12- March 19, 2018
4 The second stage of academic selection March 20-March 24, 2018
5 The announcement of results April 16,  2018
6 The approval of the participant April 16-May 16, 2018
7 Presenting the flight scheduling April 16- August 1, 2018
8 Teaching the Indonesian language in Baku July – August, 2018
9 The referral The end of August, 2018
10 The beginning of the program

The end of August- the beginning of September, 2018