UNEC announces application for re-higher education for 2020/2021 academic years

02 JULY 2020


On a paid basis in the 2020/2021 academic year The deadline for applications for re-education is extended until October 15 2020.

050401 World Economy

050403  Finance

050404  Economy

050402 Accounting and auditing

050406 Statistics

050407   Management

050410 State and municipal administration

050655 Information technology

050656 System Engineering

050409  Business management

050405 Organization and management of industry

050408 Marketing

050510 Ecology

050411 Commercial

050644 Examination and marketing of consumer goods

050642 Food engineering

050321 Design

050643 Engineering of widely-used goods technology

050625 Technological machinery and equipment engineering

050647 Metrology, standardization and certification engineering

On the Zagatala branch of UNEC

050403 Finance

050404 Economy

050402 Accounting and auditing

050407 Management

050655 Information technology

050409 Business management

050408 Marketing

050810 Tourism and hospitality

Application to re-higher education   is carried out only electronically via the Internet link kabinet.unec.edu.az. Those who want to be admitted to the above-mentioned specialties submit the required documents electronically and gain the right to re-receive higher education if they meet the relevant requirements. Distance education is not excluded for those who will be eligible for repeated higher education, taking into account the situation.

Applicants for re-education must submit the following documents in electronic form:

  • Application to the rector;
  • Notarized copy of the document (diploma) on higher education (with diploma supplement);
  • 3 × 4 cm photo;
  • Copy of ID card.

Application form

NOTE: Persons who have received higher education abroad after 1993 can re-receive higher education at the university only after their diplomas have been recognized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


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