Joint startup of UNEC lecturer and students: “”

30 JUNE 2020


UNEC lecturer  and students have created  “”  conversation startup.

The goal of “”, an online conversation platform in a foreign language, is to support users to improve their language skills by holding online conversation lessons in different languages, regardless of the location.

Users joining  “”  platform will be able to further improve their English, Russian and Japanese language skills. Classes are conducted by local and foreign moderators.

Classes are organized 6 days a week (I-VI) from 18.00 to 23.00. The duration of each lesson is 1 hour and the maximum number of participants in the group is 5 people. Before joining the classes, the level of a foreign language of the users will be determined   and they will join groups according to their level. Thanks to the functionality of the platform, users have the opportunity to get acquainted with the moderators and topics in advance, as well as to “reserve” a place in advance for the online lesson they want to attend. Users can participate in any lesson and participate in the learning process by activating a 1-day trial period on the site.

Starting in September, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese and Korean will be added to the platform. .

The student-moderators working for the startup have studied in the United States and Europe, as well as worked in those countries.

The project has been created by a young UNEC teacher, director of   Career Center Ramil Jabbarov and UNEC graduate Fagan Chalabizade. Students of UNEC SABAH Groups Shamil Ismayilov and Aliaga Ibadullayev are represented in the management team.