10th anniversary of Scientific Research Institute of Economic Research attached to UNEC will be held

17 JANUARY 2020


A series of events   will be held at the university on the occasion of activity of Scientific Research Institute of Economic Research   attached to UNEC

January 22 – Open lesson on “Data science: radical innovations of the last decade (how to apply it in training and research?”).

Rapporteur: Murad Bagirzade, Head of Sociological Researches and Consulting Department of SRIER

January 24 – Scientific Workshop on “Sustainable Consumption and Sustainable Development”

Rapporteur: Rafail Rzayev, SRIER Scientific Secretary.

January 27 – Scientific seminar on “Systematic analysis of the current state of the export potential of Azerbaijan”.

Rapporteur: Elman Ibishov, Senior Research Fellow of SRIER

January 29 – Scientific seminar on   “Cost-release model of Azerbaijan”

Rapporteur: Professor Yadulla Hasanli, Director of SRIER

The academic-staff of UNEC   is  invited to attend the event.

The events will be organized on the dates mentioned at 11.00 o’clock in the small assembly hall at main academic building  of UNEC.