The opportunity of access for the students and teachers of UNEC to the IPRbооks electronic library system

04 DECEMBER 2017

Dear students, the students of masters level, teachers and the staff of the library!

The UNEC has got the access to the IPRbооks electronic library system within December.

EKS IPRbooks is a unique resource combinig the licensed teaching and scientific literature, periodicals, audiobooks, video courses and online tests on the academic directions realized at UNEC. The total number of the published materials on the platform is over than 118 thousand.

There is, in the EKS IPRbooks, the opportunity of access to the most up-to-date books that cannot be found in the open internet network. The access to the IPRbooks platform is possible from any computer within UNEC through this link  http://iргbооkshор.гu .

It should be signed up for the access to the database. The new users will be able to get the login and password to access from the Electronic Administration Center (the I-st campus, room  -111, the  II-nd campus, room – 118, the IV-th campus, room – 220).