firuza_xariciPhD in Philology , s/t.  Firuza Karimova Rahim

Work Experience:   

21.05.2015 – 10.09.2017                                Alten Group

Occupation: Document Controller

  • Major duties:
    Coordinate all activities related to the Document Control procedure, including technicaldocuments, drawings, and all correspondence. Responsible for receiving, circulating and recording all incoming and outgoing emails;
  • Input document data into the standard registers ensuring that the information is accurate and up to date, ensuring sequential numbering system in each and every outgoing correspondence;
  • Ensuring quality formats being used adequately for correspondences, submittals, transmittals to clients, consultants, subcontractors and within divisions and departments;
  • Organizing and keeping well-organized files and making sure that controlled copies of latest approved documents and drawings are given to the appropriate staff, subcontractors and suppliers as applicable;
  • Maintain documentation for project making in use the project numbering system for easy traceability and proper filing (soft and hard copy);
  • Classifies files and correspondence, records and other site documents as requested, preparing daily Site Report.

28.03.2014 – 16.12.2014                       Platinum Service

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Major duties:

  • Creating the base of clients, looking for new clients; meeting with clients, delivering the presentation, writing reports to the director;
  • Writing the articles, materials in three languages for facebook page and site of the company;
  • Designing and developing the recruitment process in the organization (including its description, recruitment measurement definitions, regular measurement reporting, taking proper actions to close gaps);
  • Selection and the recruitment of a new staff, working as a recruiter, providing trainings, conduct phone interviews and face to face interviews;
  • Control correspondence; liaise with other agencies, companies and groups, working as the administrator for the facebook and site of the company.
  • Carrying out all administrative activities and using a range of office software, including e-mail and database, managing filling systems and up-to date.


 10.02.2012 – 01.04.2013               The Private Education Center

 Occupation:  Head of the Center

Major duties:

  • Supervising education team and facilities to ensure the overall success;
  • Collect, organize, develop and create lesson plans for all current and future programs;
  • Work with the Education Team to set up programme materials prior to the group’s arrival;
  • Recruiting, interviewing and selecting the teaching and office staff.

04.09.2011 – 01.12.2011

Embassy of the Republic of Serbia

                                                         in the Republic of Azerbaijan

 Occupation:  Assistant to Counsellor

Major duties:

  • Providing the administrative and secretarial support to the staff, including tracking communication;
  • Managing the internal and external mail and providing telephone support , gathering  the political, economical, cultural, sport information and making news summary for counsellor and the ambassador;
  • Writing press-releases, supporting to preparation of documents for issuing VIZA;
  • Managing filling system and providing the translation of the official documents and interpret if needed;
  • Answering enquiries from individuals, journalists and other organizations, researching recent reports and articles.

20.02.2011–29.04. 20011 Business Focus Representatives

for Bloomberg Businessweek

Occupation:     Project Coordinator

Major duties:

  • Coordinating high-level business agenda, producing all local written communication, translating official documents, functioning as interpreter during high-level meeting and negotiations.

15.06.2010 – 22.11.2010                              ATTAS PR

Occupation:      Translator

Major duties:

  • Translating different documents.


01.07. 2009 – 30.07.2009                ANS Press – the magazine “Aysel ”

Occupation: Editor

 Major duties:

  • Gathering the information, writing articles, translating, taking part in design of the magazine and in an interviewing.


23.06.2007-02.02.2009        Representative Office of Georgian Oil & Gas Corporation

Occupation:    Office Manager

Major duties:

  • Provided the administrative and secretarial support to the staff, including tracking communication;
  • Managed the internal and external mail and provided  telephone support for the management team, gathered the information on business environment;
  • Send invitations, provide consultants with accommodation, transportation, office space, media and communications and implement other necessary arrangements to ensure successful activities of consultants involved under the work of representative office;
  • Managing filling system and record management, provided the translation of documents and interpret if needed, writing different contracts, orders;
  • Answering enquiries from individuals, journalists and other organizations, researching recent reports and articles;
  • Writing the press releases, inhouse newsletters, speeches and articles, updating the information for the representative office;
  • Implementing HR duties: drafting labor contracts, vacation schedule, drawing up orders and statements.


01.01.2006-31.09.2006                Azerbaijan Health Reform Project

(The World Bank and Ministry of Health Project)

Occupation:    Translator/office-manager

Major duties:

  • Provided written and oral translations, participated in the meetings, conferences & project team activities, drafting letters to different ministries, withdrawal of money from bank for PIU staff (Project Implementation Unit), implementation of some administrational works, up-dating the documents;
  • Provided administrative support to the staff of the PIU, including tracking communications, managing the filling system & record management, supervisingmass – media activities, making the presentations, scheduling appointments & handle the logistics of conferences and workshops.
  • Provide technical support to conferences, trainings and seminars arranged by the PIU.


2004-2005                 “UniBank” Commercial Bank

Occupation:    Translator – Interpreter – Assistant

Major duties:

Provided the translation for all the departments of the Bank.
Interpreted the meetings, assisted the advisor from Lloyds.
Updating the documents.


1992-2006                   Azerbaijan Economic State University

Occupation:    Senior teacher – English teacher

Major duties:

  • Drew up the programs for the staff teaching English.
  • Suggested the new methods of teaching English.
  • Drew up the new teaching manual.
  • Provided the organizational work with the students as a group-leader.


Free-lance interpreting experience:

  1. OSCE/ODIHR election observation mission during Parliamentary Elections in fall of 2005.
  2. American Humanitarian Company “Global Source Net”, 2002-2003 (teaching, translation)
  3. Office of Pricewaterhouse Coopers, (translation of “Second State Privatization Program” and

the “Law on Privatization of the State Property”, auditing, taxation and lawyers), 2000-2001

  1. Culinary Center of Azerbaijan Republic (translation of culinary terminology), 1998-2000

Educational background:

2007- 2009                 Azerbaijan State Economic University, Baku

Department: International Economic Relations
Major: International Economic Relations
Degree: diploma

1986-1991                  Azerbaijan Languages University, Baku

Department: English language
Major: Teacher-translator.
Degree: PhD (PhD in philology)


2006 –2007                Khazar University

Department: Economics
Major: International Business Communications
Degree: certificate