The adoption to the double degree program with the French University Montpellier began

10 APRIL 2018 | VIEWS:

DSC_3104-002The admission to the Montpellier University, according to the Double Degree Program, for the second year students of the World Economy, Finance, Accounting, Economics and Business Management specialties of UNEC for the 2018/2019-th academic year has begun.

The UNEC students admitted to the program will continue their 3-rd year education at Montpellier University. At the end of the course, the students, receiving the required credits will go back to UNEC and continue their education in the 4-th course. Thus, our students will be provided with the Montpellier University cards while studying in France.

The basic acceptance requirements:

  1. To be the second year student of UNEC
  2. The minimum average score points should be  – 81 points
  3. The level of English language knowledge – B1

The required documents:

  1. The academic transcript
  2. CV
  3. Passport

Partner university -
 Montpellier University
Duration - 1 year
Language of tuition - English
Tuition fee - 2250 euros
Registration fee - No
Deadline for applying - April 20, 2018 year
Beginning of course - September, 2018 year
Completion of the course - April, 2019 year

The presentation on the Double Degree Program will take place on April 12, in the big events hall of the main campus of UNEC and the questions that the students are interested in will be answered.

For more detailed information on the data day:

In the main campus – April 12, 2018 year, at 15.00, in the Big Events Hall
In the II and IV campuses  – April 13, 2018 year, at 15.00, in the Big Events Hall

For applying:

Afet Alakbarova
UNEC, International Relations Department, 115-th room

Tel.: +994 12 492 60 45
Fax: +994 12 492 59 40

365 2