mal_sakir_fotoCand. of Econ., Assoc.Prof. Badalov Shakir Shapur

Badalov Shakir Shapur oghlu was born on May 15 1940 in Zarat village of Ismayilli region.

He finished the secondary school 1958 and began the activity in the manufacturing.

Within 1960-1965 he studied at the School of Economics of the Azerbaijan State University (present Baku State University) and graduated from with honors; after the graduation he was recommended to get the post- graduate education by the Scientific Council of the University.

In the years of 1965-1966 he served as a budget inspector of the financial department of Absheron district and then a senior inspector.

In September of 1966 he was appointed a teaching staff of the Department Finance and Credit of the Azerbaijan Institute of the National Economy. Within 1966-1968 he carried out the scientific- research activity beside the academic.

In 1968 he served at the Military Army as an officer.

He served as a Head of the Financial Support Service” of the military unit till the end of 1969.

Badalov continued his pedagogical activity after he was demobilized from the army in 1971.


He was awarded a badge of the “Winner of the Socialism Competition”.

In 1975 Badalov defended his Candidate’s paper on “Finance, Money Turnover and Credit” at the Financial Academy of Moscow and became a Candidate in Economy.

In 1982 he became an Assistant Professor of the Department “Finance and Credit” of the Azerbaijan Institute of the National Economy.

In 1984 he served as a Deputy Dean of the School of Finance- statistics, in 1987 was elected a Dean of the School until 1995.

Badalov was awarded the Honorary Certificates by the Ministry of Education of AR and the State Insurance Company of AR for his “Contributions in the preparation of the highly-skilled cadres, organizing the scientific-research works and improving the material and technical base of the university”.

He served as a Dean of the School of Finance and Credit of ASUE within 2001-2005. Badalov is the co-author of the textbooks “Finance-credit”, “Financing of Enterprises and the National Economy”, “Finance” and “Budget System”, the author of many training aids, programs and methodological facilities and more than 50 scientific articles. He made scientific reports in different International Scientific Conferences.

According to the Presidential Decree of the Republic of Azerbaijan signed on September 26 2011, he was awarded the title of “Honored Teacher” for his contributions made in the development of Azerbaijan education.

Currently Badalov conducts classes on “Finance”, “Budget System”, “Problems of Budget Forecasting”, “Insurance Affairs” and so on, carries out scientific activity and has been working on new textbooks and training aids.


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“I feel proud of my Native University’s this day!” (10.07.2017)