Opportunity from UNEC for those who want to study in the first specialty group: Undergraduate education in 9 new specialties on the new campus

24 JULY 2020 | VIEWS:

9 new majors in the first group of technical and technological specialties has been opened at Azerbaijan State   University of Economics (UNEC) in 2020/2021 academic year.

The newly opened specialties are “Communication Systems Engineering”, “Information Security”, “Electrical and Electronics Engineering”, “Mechanical Engineering”, “Industrial Engineering”, “Materials Engineering”, “Environmental Engineering”, “Computer Science” and “Food Engineering”. In general, admission to the first group will be held in 10 majors, including   “Information Technology”.

Another contribution from UNEC to students majoring in technical and technological specialties is that the new campus will operate this year.

3,000 students will be able to study on the new campus, which meets modern campus standards and is rich in modern architectural elements. The new educational building will have 30 auditoriums, 6 lecture rooms, 12 laboratories equipped with the latest technology, 6 language rooms, a dining room, a gym, a library, large and small conference halls.

Technical and technological specialties will be taught at the newly established faculties of “Digital Economy” and “Engineering Economics”.

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