Public Supervisory Council: UNEC is always open to innovations

03 JUNE 2019 | VIEWS:

Rector of  Azerbaijan State University of Economics Professor Adalat Muradov, met with members of  UNEC Public Supervisory Board.

At the meeting the rules for organizing and conducting exams in the direction of objective assessment of students’ knowledge and ensuring transparency were discussed during the summer session of the 2018/2019 academic year.

A. Muradov said that the first exams would be held in writing form, and that control over the examination process and monitoring would traditionally be delegated to the Public Supervisory Council. On his official Facebook page the rector informed the media about the exam, as well as appealing to media, non-governmental organizations, public figures and parents. He noted that they had the opportunity to closely watch the UNEC exam sessions, participate in “Open Door” days  and noted that opportunities had been  created to conduct independent analyzes.

Coordinator of the UNEC Public Supervisory Board, Etibar Aliyev, said that during the examination session, the members of the council would conduct regular monitoring, conduct surveys and attend the “Open Doors” days. E.Aliyev noted that they had observed the organization of the examination session at UNEC to be improved  every year and as well as quality improvement.The  expert on education who noted that the appeals on the exam had been considerably  reduced at each session, evaluated it as a positive case.

Speaking about the importance of public supervisiory  councils in terms of sharing ideas on the quality of education, professor Shakhlar Askarov noted that UNEC leadership is always open to innovations in this direction.

It should be noted that Public Supervisiory Board is represented by the deputy of Milli Majlis, deputy editor of “Yeni Azerbaijan” newspaper Hikmet Babaoglu, honored scientist, Professor Shahlar Askarov, head of the Public Association of “XXI Century” education centre  Etibar Aliyev, Deputy Director of “Trend” News Agency  Arzu Naqiyev, head of the Constitutional Research Foundation, member of the Joint Human Rights Group Alimammad Nuriyev, Director of “Multimedia” Information Systems Technology Center, president  of the Azerbaijan Internet Forum Osman Gunduz, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Citizens’ Labor Rights Protection League Sakhib Mammadov, Chairman of the Parliamentary Journalists ‘ Union, General Director of “Modern” Media Group Elshad Eyvazli, Chairman of the Free Teachers’ Public Union Malahat Murshudlu, correspondent of “The 525th newspaper”  Sevinj Garayeva and student-rector Elmir Sadiqov.

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