Head of Internal audit department Babayev Hikmet Akif oglu

Contact: +(994) 12 492-62-15


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About the Internal Audit Department

Internal Audit Department of Azerbaijan State University of Economics has been established by the Academic Council’s decision on 29.04.2014.

The objective of the Internal Audit Department is to ensure an integrate approach in conducting audit and control measures, identify the conditions and circumstances of the determined deficiencies, current legal and practical problems, eliminate them and to develop relevant proposals for the implementation of best practices, provide practical and methodical assistance verification of the information about the shortcomings in the university’s structures and activities of individual employees and take appropriate measures in order of urgency.

The Department’s performance is set up mainly on 5 directions:

1. The execution of organizational and administrative documents required by the University Administration and law in a timely manner and at the appropriate level;
2. Verification of the accuracy and reliability of financial accounts;
3. Conduct of investigation based on the administration’s instruction;
4. Formation and improvement of normative and methodological framework regulating the activities applied control system by the department;
5. Implement monitoring in the structural units of the university to ensure the execution of tasks entrusted to the department.


One of the objectives assigned to the department is to ensure that measures are taken with the legislation in accordance with the presentations, complaints, applications and petitions submitted by the citizens, state and private bodies, as well as other units of the university about the activity or inactivity of the employees of structural units of the university.

Information about the violations on the legal acts of the university’s academic and administrative staffs, organizational and administrative documents is regularly collected and assessed, inconsistencies are defined, the causes and conditions concerned employment discipline violations are eliminated, as well as measures on disciplinary liability of the employee are taken.

The control of the university scientific-pedagogical staff’s attendance is carried by the controllers of internal audit department. The registered breaches operatively are sent to the department until the end of the day online. Entered data is analyzed and classified on four criteria-blank, replacement, breaches and joined lessons and again entered in the base of the internal audit department. Later, they are analyzed by grouping in the department.

The internal audit department performs usual monitoring and raids in the academic buildings of the university to ensure the implementation of the tasks entrusted to them. The scientific-pedagogical and administrative staffs’ abidance by the disciplinary terms of the university is checked during the raids.