Head of Occupational Health and Safety Department Gasimov Shakir Adigozal

Contacts: +(994) 12 492-06-51

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Duties and Activity of the Department

Occupational health and safety department shall monitor at the University  the establishment of life and health, legal, socio-economic, technical, sanitary and hygienic, preventive-treatment, organizational, rehabilitation and restoration systems and other measures in the process of labour activity of the employees, the implementation of safety standards, ensuring safe working conditions, to ensure compliance with the requirements of labour protection  and safety regulations, job certification of workplaces, ensuring the employees with  collective and personal protective equipment and fulfilment of other activities.

At the same time, OHS Department shall also monitor the compliance with fire safety procedures at the University.

Currently OHS Department carries out its activities in accordance with the approved work and actions plans.


REGULATIONS on Occupational Health and Safety Department