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Background of the Department

The Department of International relations plays an important and driving role in the solution of tasks at the international level and establishment of new international relations at the Azerbaijan State Economic University. The International relations department was created on November 01, 2014 on the basis of the International relations section of UNEC.

History. The International relations section of the University of Economics has being operated since 2000. Considering the exceptional role played by modern information technologies in effective organization of works aimed at establishing bilateral relations with universities of foreign countries and in general, adjusting to international standards, the Section was renamed ‘International relations and information technologies” section in November, 2004. The International relations section significantly contributed to further increasing prestige of and adjusting the Azerbaijan State Economic University to European and world education standards as a result of the policy pursued by the management of the University. Moreover, international relations with international organizations, foundations, commercial entities, state agencies, education institutions and foreign universities have been expanded in line with the policy of the management of the University and world standards, new projects and actions launched and meetings held. As a result of activities carried out by the section for promoting and increasing prestige of the Azerbaijan State Economic University at the international scale, in 2006 International Academy of Rating Technologies (Ukraine, Kiev) awarded University of Economics  “Golden Fortune” quality mark of the XXI century.  UNEC actively joined the Bologna Process based on its innovation strategy, successfully accessing to the European Universities Association (EUA), International Association of Universities (IAU), Federation of Universities of Islamic World (FUIW), Eurasian Association of Universities (EAU) and Black See Universities Network over 2005-2008 years.

International relations section focused on participation in international programs and projects in the framework of its activities. TEMPUS can be sited as the most successful program among international initiatives that we were involved. Thus, the European Commission declared the TEMPUS Project of University of Economics on the topic of “Development and improvement of university administration in the field of international relations” as the winner in 2013 and 654.000 EUR worth grant funds were allocated for the implementation of the project. Hence, University of Economics  was the winner of the TEMPUS Program for the first time.

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Current time. The International relations department determines the main directions of international cooperation in the field of higher education, post-graduate education, as well as scientific activities of higher schools, dealing with coordination of works for their implementation. The International relations department is expanding ties with partner international organizations, foundations, commercial entities, state agencies, education centres and foreign universities, is preparing new projects and events and is holding meetings in lien with the policy pursued by the management of the University and its statute.
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Students and teachers of University of Economics are regularly informed on conferences, symposiums and seminars held in the country and at universities of foreign countries (including, partner universities), and the International relations department provides necessary assistance to them for the participation in those events. Information and announcement on places and scholarship allocated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Communication and Information and other state agencies for getting education is conveyed to departments and faculties of the University, documents of candidates to be participated in competitions are collected by the Department and sent to relevant organizations.

The International relations department provides consultancy and assistance in the selection and preparation of documents for candidates in case of all kinds of trips of professors-teachers, assistant professors, students and other staff members of University of Economics  organized by the state or through agreement among universities, and arranges reception of professors, teachers, probationers, students and creative teams who come to University of Economics  for delivering lectures, getting internship, carrying out scientific-research activities, participating in international congresses, symposiums.

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Attraction of students of foreign universities to University of Economics, preparation of agreements on cooperation, arrangement of courses of foreign universities, introduction of distant and on-line education systems, and elaboration of programs related to modern education methods and means are among major directions of activities of the International relations Department.

The Department works in close cooperation with structural units of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan, other lie ministries, business entities, representations of international organizations in foreign countries and Azerbaijan and embassies of foreign countries in the course of the implementation of its tasks, as well as with the Ministry of Foreign affairs and Ministry of Internal Affairs for the arrangement of passport-visa registration of foreign citizens.

Followings are working principles of the Department: to prepare recommendations on the implementation of international relations according to documents of the legislative and executive bodies of the Republic of Azerbaijan; to ensure mutual relations of UNEC with governmental and non-governmental agencies dealing with international relations; to coordinate projects and programs implemented by structural units and the International relations Department of UNEC in the framework of international cooperation; to prepare proposals on members of the University to international organizations and associations.

The International relations Department also addresses issues concerning to foreign students. Foreign students studying at UNEC are registered at the International relations Department. The Department fills in forms related to foreign students, which are requested by the State Commission on admission of Students. Close participation of foreign students in events (conference, symposium, competitions) organized at UNEC is ensured. Students graduating from the University are provided with diplomas. Provided diplomas are confirmed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs based the letters sent by the University.

The International relations department attaches special interest on the participation in international programs and projects. Currently, UNEC is the coordinator of the TEMPUS Program “Development and improvement of university administration in the field of international relations” and is the partner of another TEMPUS Project titled “Integration of people in need of special care to higher education facilities of Azerbaijan”.

Effective operation of the International relations Department played an important role in signing agreement of cooperation with numerous famous universities of the world, preparing international grant projects, implementing exchange of students-teachers and organizing scientific-practical conference at international and local levels. The International relations Department arranges high-level reception of foreign guests visiting UNEC, organizes meetings, seminar and round tables with students and teachers of UNEC. UNEC takes an active part in the activity of associations of higher education institutions, which it is a party to.