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UNEC- the only Higher Education Institution students of which receive International Banking Certificate in CIS
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UNEC Students in the competition P2P – “Fight against Extremism” (04.05.2017)
Winners of “I UNEC Science Slam” are defined – SABAH and International School of Economics makes the choice (01.05.2017)

Agreement on Dual Diploma has been achieved between the UNEC International School of Economics and ICD Business School in Paris (24.04.2017)
Alumni at UNEC (10.04.2017)
Debate on “ISE Economic Talks: “Trumponomics” (02.03.2017)
UNEC Student is the Winner of Scholarship Program (10.01.2017)
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The Next Success of the International School of Economics (12.12.2016)
An open lesson held at UNEC: “Medical English” (21.11.2016)
An Open Class held in the International School of Economics: The State Flag Day (08.11.2016)
The Flag Day celebrated at UNEC (07.11.2016)
Open Classes start in the International School of Economics (07.11.2016)
Graduate Monitoring held at the International School of Economics (31.10.2016)
UNEC Students were informed about the Advantages of ACCA (14.10.2016)
A Contract signed between UNEC and ACCA (11.10.2016)
The Intellectual Battle at the International School of Economics (10.10.2016)


New Interactive Teaching Method applied at the International School of Economics (04.10.2016)
The number of UNEC Students awarded the Presidential Scholarship has grown (15.09.2016)
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US Ambassador Robert F. Cekuta at UNEC: Areas which can be invested should be shown to investors (16.05.2016)
An Interactive Class in “Old City” (Icherisheher) for UNEC Students (05.05.2016)
 Presentation of the Project “Challenging Extremism” is held at UNEC (03.05.2016)
The Team “HOPE” of UNEC’s International School of Economics has gained a Grant of the US State Department (26.04.2016)
UNEC Students become the Winner of “P&G CEO Challenge Business Case” competition on Azerbaijan (25.04.2016)
“International Day” held at UNEC (21.04.2016)
UNEC Students have got a chance of Studying at the University of Vrije Amsterdam (16.04.2015)
Celebration held by the International School of Economics (26.12.2015)
The Great Composer’s Compositions performed by the Students (23.12.2015)
Halloween was celebrated at UNEC (30.10.2015)
Video- conferencing between UNEC and the lyceum named after Heydar Aliyev (16.10.2015)

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Information about the International School of Economics 

International School of Economics (ISE) of Azerbaijan State University of Economics was created as a part of the University strategy to intensively internationalize and carry its educating standards towards the one that exist at Western universities.

Along with delivering all courses in English, ISE is playing a model role within the University̕ s as all new educational strategies are first introduced and applied there.

ISE has adapted all its syllabi, study materials as well as course delivery techniques to the ones used at first range Western Universities.

ISE carries a strategy of attracting for teaching graduates of Western Universities that also have an extensive field knowledge. Our professors are graduates of such universities as Cambridge University, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Miami, University of Alberta, Glasgow University, Rouen Business School, Berlin School of Economics and Law, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, University of East Anglia, Stockholm School of Economics and others.

Among those that teach at ISE there are bank and insurance companies vice-CEO̕ s, department heads of Central Bank of Azerbaijan, SOCAR (State Oil Company of Azerbaijan), company directors and other practitioners.

İSE graduates having gained a professional level of knowledge of English as well as an education adequate to the latest World requirements gets easily accepted to Western universities for their master degree study. 82% of 2017 graduates received job offers or master degree acceptances right after the graduation.

ISE takes an advantage of the University̕ s international agreements in terms of exchange students and visiting professors. More than 30 students every year participate as exchange students at universities of UK, Netherlands, France, Republic of Korea, Hungary and Turkey. ISE hosts at average 4-5 visiting professors each year. Foreign students wishing to study at Azerbaijan State university of Economics in English are placed at ISE which in its turn creates an attractive multicultural environment.


ISE manages two double degree programs of UNEC.

  • A program with London University International Programs with academic support of London School of Economics and Political Science.
  • A double degree programs with Montpellier University of France.
  • Intra UNEC two degree program.


ISE offers bachelor degree with majors in


*World Economy
*Accounting and Audit
*Business administration.

Bachelor of Science in in World Economy

This course takes students through the major macro issues relating to the modern world of international business. The course is about the world environment of business addressed at a global, national and regional level. It does not address specific firm management topics, but rather is complementary to those topics.

The course looks at the modern concept of globalization, its causes and effects, the increasing importance of world financial markets, the multinational enterprise and government policies affecting the internationalization of business, and the likely future directions of world business in a global context.

The course reviews the major economies of the world, their participation in the globalization process and a range of economic multilateral institutions. Criticisms of globalization are also discussed. The main goal of the course is to build up the understanding of the theory and policy of the contemporary global economics.

The focus of the course is not only on traditional theories of international economics, i.e. on international trade, finance, and growth but on modern trends of economic development and on the latest empirical research in the most significant spheres of the global economics.

  1. World Economy
  2. International Economics
  3. International economic organizations
  4. International commercila transactions
  5. Transnational corporations
  6. International transport operations

Bachelor of Science in Finance

Bachelor’s degree programs in finance are offered with the option to choose an area of specialization to add focus to students’ career paths. This specialization includes studies in investments, cash flow performance, financial statement analysis, an exploration of financial markets, investment banking and portfolio management. Other areas of specialization include global finance, real estate, risk management and financial services. This program includes subjects:

  1. Finance
  2. Banking
  3. Financial markets
  4. Financial control and audit
  5. Money and banks
  6. Budgeting and treasury

Bachelor of Science in accounting

In a BS program in accounting, the general education courses help students develop basic skills in communications, writing and computers, which can be applied to their work as accounting professionals. Meanwhile, core courses provide students with the specific skills they need to work in the field of accounting. This program includes subjects:

  1. Tax and taxation
  2. Accounting
  3. Audit
  4. Managerial accounting
  5. Financial accounting
  6. Management analysis
  7. Financial analysis
  8. International standards of financial reporting
  9. Financial reporting analysis

Bachelor of Science in
Business Administration

The 4-year degree program provides a fundamental education in business and management principles. Programs typically allow students to specialize in one of multiple concentration areas, including international business, finance, real estate, computer information systems, or accounting. BBA programs can offer practical management training that can prepare students to successfully work within a large or small organization.

Programs may emphasize the development of communications, quantitative reasoning, and business analysis skills. Through BBA courses, students can gain knowledge of business practices and processes, understand the role of economics in the world marketplace, and acquire an awareness of global business issues. This program includes subjects:

  1. Human resources management
  2. Marketing
  3. Management
  4. Business administration
  5. Business ethics and social responcibility
  6. International business
  7. Safety of a business
  8. Project management

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EXAMİNATİON QUESTİONS (2017/2018 – winter session)

Management 1003.1004 Konul Ağayeva
Tax practices and tax accouting-for students.1001-1002 Tahir Karayev
Iqtisadiyyatin tenzimlenmesi 1005 Sabina Aliyeva
1003-1004 Yevgeniy Soltanov Beynelxalq iqtisadiyyat
Beynelxalq investisiyalar 1001.1002 Kamal Dadashov
1081-Biznesin idare edilmesi_Ayxan Beylerov
Econometrics_Ali Rustamov_Question
1041-Seymur Quliyev Marketinq
1006-1083_Az tarixi-Lala Əliyeva
1043-Accounting for students-Tahir Karayev
1003-1004-1042 Insan resus Efqan Huseynov
1005_Statistika_Ibrahimov I.
1062_Biznesin esaslari_Cavadzade C.
Environmental economics-1062.1082 Ahliman Kasumov
1025_1026_Pul ve Banklar_Kenan Agayev
Muhasibat ucotu 1005 Shamil Azizov
Algebra_Matanaliz_1044-Yelena Mustafayeva
1043 Dünya iqtisadiyyatı İnara Rzayeva
1023_1024_Vergiler_Ehmedov C.
1001_1002_Iqtisadi inkisaf modelleri_Abasli Ilahe
1027-1028 Elza Az dili
1081-Beynəlxalg biznes-Fateh İsrafilzade
Turizm iqtisadiyyati 1021.1022. Naila Musayeva
Mülki müdafiə rus variant
Mülki müdafiə az variantı
Beyn.iqt.huquq 1003.1004 Arzu Hesenova
1006-1044 M.Amrahov
1042 Vergi Elnur Eyvazov
1061-Maliyyə Fəxri Mamedov
1063-1083 Az_dili – Cinara
1021- 1022 Xəzinə və Büdcə
1023-1024-1041 Bank işi Anar Mamedov

1043 Makroiqtisadiyyat Vwsal Məmmədrzayev
1005_Macroeconomics_Hesenova L.
1021_1022_Vergi inzib._Narmin Hajiyeva
1001_1002_Beyn.iqt.teskilatlar_Jale Musazade
1081_Azerb.iqt_Toghrul Guliyev
1006_Xetti cebr_Mutellim Serifli
1001_1002_Gomruk isi_Isayev Elnur
1063-Xətti cəbr Samir Quliyev
1043_Abbasov Resad -Vergiler

1061-Qiymət və qiymətlənləndirmə Fərid Əmirov
T.1042-Maliyyə Təhlili-Aynur Əfəndiyeva
1023-1024 İqtisadiyyatın tənzimlənməsi Vüsal M
Firma iqtisadiyyati 1043 Rufat Mammadov (1)
T.1025,1026-İşgüzar yazışma-Bəhruz Səmədov
T.1005-İnstitutsional iqtisadiyyat-Qənirə İbrahimova
T.1061-Dünya iqtisadiyyatı-Qənirə İbrahimova
T.1028-Aynur M.,Sabina M.-xarici dil
T.1063-Sevər Orucova-xarici dil
T.1023,1024-HR-Şəfiqə Paşayeva
T.1001,1002-Dünya bazar qiymətləri-Nicat Əlizadə
T.-1025,1026-Firmanin iqtisadiyyati-Arzu Hacıyeva
T.1082-İqtisadiyyatın tənzimlənməsi-Xətai Alıyev
T.1023,1024-Ekonometrika-Xətai Aliyev
T.1081-Sevinc Yusifova-İşguzar yazışma
T.1083-Xətti Cəbr-Günel Həsənova
T.1006,1044,1083-Sevinc Yusifova-xarici dil
Currency-credit relations. 1023.1024 Rovshan Jamalov
Audit 1041Rakif Hesenli
1027_1028_Xetti cebr_Anar K.
Statistika 1025.1026.1043.1062 – Xaysa Osmanli
1041_Gomruk isi_- Gulmaliyev U.
Iqtisadiyyata giriş 1006.1027.1028.1044.1063.1083 – İsmayılov A., Rzayev A., Əlizadə T., Abbasov Ə. Ə.Azerb.iqtisadiyyatı 1042 Gunay Aliyeva
Menecment 1061 Cavid Axundov
İKT-Aysel Quliyeva-1027,1028,1044,1063
Management Accounting 1042 Mursalzade Ziya
1021_1022_Sigorta isi_F.Agasirinov
1061_İqtisadi huquq_Seadet N.
1061_Aqrar iqt._Reshad Huseynov
T.1025,1026-Makroiqtisadiyyat-Aynur Əfəndiyeva
1041_Selimi F._Maliyye hesab.beyn.stand.
1062_Turan Eldarova_Dovletin inv. innov.siy.

Muhasibat ucotu Vusal I. 1062
İqtisadi informatika 1003.1004 Aqşin İbişev
Macro-economic 1082- Sabina Taghiyeva, C3-2017
1005_1042_Huseynov M._Etraf muhitin iqt.
1082-Maliyyə biznesi – Fəxri
1061-Maliyyə Fəxri
1082 Biznes etikası və sos.məsuliyyət 1082 Elvin Huseynov
1082_Muhasibat Aqil E.

1041_Mal.hes.tehlili_ Aqil E.
1027_1028_Xətti cəbr_Anar K.
1001,1002-Bx.Kommersiya işi-Qanira Ibrahimova


State examination questions for IV year students (2016/2017)

World Economy
Regulations of Foreign Economic Activities
International Economic Relations
International Economic Integration
International Commercial Transactions