Qualitative scientific researches in the target of UNEC

08 JANUARY 2019 | VIEWS:

The ways of improving the level of scientific researches and improving the issue regarding the procedure for certification of scientific and pedagogical staff had been discussed at the UNEC with the participation of all chair managers.

There was proposed to focus on the relevance and the obtained results, but not to the volume of the dissertation work, to minimize the number of documents required for defense, electronization of dissertation work as much as possible, and it was noted that, it   would be advisable to review the issue of giving the title of professor to people with PhD degrees based on the world practice.

There was suggested to abolish the expert councils of Higher Attestation Commission, to hand over all the documentation and the function of control over the all processes to Higher Attestation Commission, to implement the passportization of professions, to revise the classification of science, and review the necessity of the leading organizations and opponents.

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