The students of college want to continue their education at UNEC

09 APRIL 2018 | VIEWS:

The favorite project of the applicants the “1 day at UNEC” is successfully continuing.

The pupils of Baku State Social-Economic College, particularly interested in the project have been the one-day students of UNEC today.

After presenting the symbolic student identification card to the pupils, they were given the detailed information about UNEC. The information on the specialties taught at UNEC, the special scholarship and exchange programs, the international programs was brought to the attention of the pupils. The one-day students attended the marketing, the economy of the social sector and the financial accounting lessons in the Azerbaijani language in accordance with their desire. The one-day students leaving the lesson with the positive impressions were in the information tour. They got acquainted with the reading hall, library, examination room, the Financial laboratory, and watched the activity of the Virtual Enterprise. After the questions of the one-day students were answered, they noted that they wanted to return to the UNEC as a student.

Wishing to participate in the “One-day at UNEC” project, can call to the land line number 497-58-63, or contact the official Facebook page of UNEC.

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