The Professors of the University of Dunaujvaros of Hungary met with SABAH Groups

21 APRIL 2016 | VIEWS:

The Professors of the University of Dunaujvaros of Hungary have met with the undergraduates of SABAH Groups of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC).

Hungarian Professors Annamaria Csiszer and Gyorgy Agoston have conducted the discipline “Labor Market” to UNEC students. Students took an exam at the end of the training.

Professor Gyorgy Agoston has made a presentation about the University of Dunaujvaros to students. The Professor has also informed the students about the Erasmus+ Program. Views on the cooperation issues between the two universities have been shared within the event.

SAHAH students successfully passed the exam have been awarded certificates at the end of the meeting.

Note: A contract within the Erasmus+ Exchange Program has been signed between UNEC and the University of Dunaujvaros with the aim of conducting joint researches and international cooperation. According to the contract, two members of UNEC teaching staff will conduct classes at the University of Dunaujvaros within the teacher exchange program.

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