The trips aimed to inform the pupils about the advantages of the UNEC are being started


The event dedicated to the start of the visits of academic-teaching staff to schools was held with the participation of UNEC rector, professor Adalat Muradov.

In the event was noted that, the goal of UNEC was to train highly qualified specialists by involving the most educated young people of the country. For this purpose, the visits of academic-teaching staff of UNEC to the secondary schools that have the highest results during the admissions exams every year are organized. During the meetings, the senior class pupils are informed about the advantages of UNEC. Starting from November 5, 2018 the first trips will be started.

According to economy and business profile the UNEC is the largest university in Azerbaijan and the 4-th largest university in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia.     The completely electronic education at UNEC is conducted in Azerbaijani, English, Russian and Turkish languages.  Students can study in the International School of Economics in English, in the Russian Economics School in Russian, and in Turkish Language in the Turkish World Business Administration Faculty.

All our classrooms are equipped with electronic racks and projectors. The students and teachers can get the access to teaching resources from their electronic cabinets.  The presentations, tests, lecture texts and other useful resources used by teachers during the lesson can be downloaded by the students from students’ own electronic cabinets. The evaluation of the students in the classroom is carried out electronically. The examination process is also placed on the electronic database platform and the students can follow the evaluation here. If there occurs any dissatisfaction with the results of the exam, then the student can receive more prompt response by addressing via his/hers electronic cabinet.

The students enrolled in the UNEC by scoring 600 or more points are additionally granted a special scholarship in amount of 100 AZN per month within one semester. Moreover, according to the final results of the semester, 15 students with the highest score on each course are awarded the second excellent scholarship at the expense of university.

The Interuniversity Dual Degree Diploma program offers UNEC students the opportunity to obtain two diplomas in 2 specialties within four years. The students enrolled in the program will have the opportunity to earn a decent place in the labor market in future and flexibly adapt to its needs by acquiring two specialties.

The UNEC promises great opportunities for students in the field of international cooperation, as well. Our students have the opportunity to benefit maximum from exchange programs “Erasmus+” with European universities, and «Mevlana” exchange programs with Turkish universities. The costs of the students participating in the exchange are met by the program.  Within the framework of cooperation with the London University/London School of Economics, the most influential European economical university, the LSE diploma can be obtained at UNEC.  In accordance with the dual degree diploma program conducted with the French prestigious Montpellier University, our students can take a year of four years of education in France and obtain a diploma from both the UNEC and Montpellier University.  Besides, there is also a dual degree diploma program with the Lithuanian University of Mykolas Romeris.  The agreement on dual degree diploma with the Lincoln University, the prestigious higher education institution in the United States has been achieved and our students will benefit from this program, as well.

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