Residence Permit

Dear applicants/students, be aware that all students should have to visit Azerbaijan with an educational visa, in case of any other condition they could face difficulties.

Foreigners or stateless persons temporarily living in the Republic of Azerbaijan must register for a residence permit if they stay more than 10 days in the country.

For this purpose, a registration application for residence permits issued by a foreigner or a stateless person, or a copy of his / her passport (other document related to crossing the border) must be submitted to the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan within 15 days via registering at the official country’s official web site of the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan, site, or  via e-mail

Foreigners and stateless persons may apply for registration in the same place as mentioned above.

No state duty is required for registration of foreigners and stateless persons.


Documents required for issuance (extension) of temporary residence permits for foreign students in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan:

  • Copy of passport (passport validity period must be 6 months longer than the end date of temporary residence permit);
  • Notarized or identical document certifying the existence of circumstances that permit temporary resettlement;
  • Document of residence address of the person to be registered (extract from state register of the property, living permit, lease agreement, other document provided by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan);
  • Notary certification of an owner living place, where the foreign student is living (where the foreigner owns a place of residence);
  • A notarized form of marriage certificate;
  • Copy of identification card of the foreigner student with a residence permit/Notarial Approval (except where the foreigner owns a place of residence);
  • Copy of the document that allows to remain in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan or grant temporary residence;
  • Four-dimensional photos of 3 × 4 cm with red background;
  • The applicant, confirming that he/she is not a carrier of any illness included in the list of contagious infectious diseases (Human Immunodeficiency Virus, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C) approved by the relevant executive authority;
  • The copy of the admission orders submitted by the Dean;
  • Reference from the military and special department for the Ministry of Education and State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Receipt on payment of state fee.

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