In 2020, the department of “Physics and Chemistry” was abolished.

On 19.10.2020, the departments of “Examination of consumer goods”, “Standardization and certification”, “Food technology”, “Technological machines and field equipment” and “Physics and chemistry” of the faculty of “Expertise and Standardization” were abolished. The faculty of “Engineering” and the department of “Engineering and applied sciences” were established.

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About department

The department of “Physics and Chemistry” was established on the basis of the previously independent departments of “Physics” and “Chemistry”. The department of “Chemistry” was one of the oldest departments  of  University of Economics. After the closure of the specialty of commodity studies, the department of “Chemistry” ceased to exist for some time, and in 1990, after the establishment of the Baku faculty of the Azerbaijan Institute of Technology, resumed its activities. It has been operating as a part of the Commodity-Commercial Institute since May 1995, and has been part of the University of Economics since June 2000, and operates under the Faculty of Technology and Design. The departments of “Physics” and “Chemistry” were established separately in 1995.

In 1995-2009, the department of Physics was headed by the corresponding member of ANAS, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, prof. J.Sh.Abdinov, and the department of “Chemistry” prof.  by R.C. Goyushov. On September 2, 2009 the department of “Physics and Chemistry” was established on the basis of the departments of “Physics” and “Chemistry”. Prof. R.C. Goyushov has been appointed the head of the department. Since 2011, the department has been headed by Assoc. Prof. R.M. Rzayev.

The department conducts research on the problem of semiconductor materials for electronic refrigerators and photocells used in infrared optoelectronic converters. High-efficiency materials were obtained as a result of the study of electrical and thermal parameters over a wide range of temperature, electric and magnetic fields of A3 B6 layered single crystals and B1-Sb system solid solution extrusion samples, which can be used to make useful electronic devices.

The results of scientific research are regularly published in leading scientific journals of Poland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, France and the republic, and presented at international and national scientific conferences. The department cooperates with the above-mentioned and scientific centers of several other countries (“Orion” Scientific-Production Association – Moscow, A.F.Ioffe Institute of Physics and Technology – St. Petersburg, “Quartz” plant – Ukraine, etc.)

In order to improve the organization of teaching, the staff of the department wrote 6 textbooks, 8 teaching aids, 10 methodical instructions and more than 400 scientific articles. Members of the department have up to 15 copyright certificates, 3 of which are patented in foreign countries.