PhD in Economics, Qasimova Lala Farman

In 1990 she graduated from Baku branch of Leningrad Finance and Economics Institute named after N. Voznesensky on specialty “Accounting”.

From 1998 to 2016, she worked as a senior laboratory assistant at the “Economic Analysis” department of   Azerbaijan State University of Economics.

While working   (2004-2014), she conducted lessons on “Economic Analysis Theory”, “Economic Analysis” and “Management Analysis” subjects (with less than 250 hours of academic load each year).

In 2011 she defended her dissertation on the specialty “Accounting and statistics “,  titled “Пути совершенствования учета затрат и анализ себестоимости СМР”  and in 2013 she received a PhD in Economics.



From October, 2017 she worked as an hourly-graff   senior laboratory assistant at the department of “Economics” at the Russian School of Economics.

Since September, 2018 she has been working   as a full-time lecturer at the department of “Economy” (Russian).

She is the author of 14 scientific works.

She is married and has two children.