mal_esmira_fotoGuluzade Esmira Mammad

Guluzade Esmira Mammad kizi was born on October 24 1981 in Mingechevir city.

In 2004 she became a Bachelor of the School of “Finance-credit” of the Azerbaijan State University of Economics; in 2006 a Master with honors.

She began the labor activity in 2000, but the pedagogical activity in 2007.

E.M.Guluzade is a Researcher of the Department of “Finance” since 2011.


Currently she works on the Candidate’s paper on “Ways to Improve the Efficiency of the Budget Impact of Economic Development”.

She participated in many conferences and some of her articles were published in journals. She took close part in the preparation of some syllabuses of the Department.

Guluzade is the author of 11 scientific articles.

She is married, has got two children.