Professor Muradov Adalat Jalal

A little about the life of the rector

Muradov Adalat Jalal was born on January 29 1962 year.

In 1979 he finished chemistry and biology-oriented school №5 and passed through the military service
in Siberian Military Department within 1980-1982.

He entered the School of Economy at Kiev State University named after Taras Shevchenko in 1985 and graduated from the School in 1990 with honors. He was awarded 2nd place in the USSR in the Union-wide Olympiad on “Economics and Organization of Production” held among the students in 1989.

He had led the firm “Profi-AD”LTD (Kiev) in 1994.

A.Muradov was admitted to the doctorate of Kiev State University in 1995 and defended his Doctor’s thesis on “The Transition Integrated into the World Economy” in 1998.

Within 1995-1999 he was engaged in the teaching at Kiev State University named after T.Shevchenko, conducted classes on “Macro-economy”, “Economic Policy”, “International Economy”, “The Theory of Transition Economy”.

He served in the position of the Head of the Department “Transformation Analysis of post-Soviet Transition Economies” at “IB Austrian Securities (the Ukraine) Investment Bank in 1998-1999s.

Since 1999 he began his activities as a professor at the State Academy of Administration under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and conducted classes on “Macro-economy”, “State Regulation of Economy” and “Economic Policy of Azerbaijan”. He is the author of 3 textbooks, 3 monographs, 3 curriculums and over 60 articles.

He had participated in the Programs on “Social Market Economy” in Germany, “The World Trade Organization Membership” in Japan, “Cooperation between the Executive and Legislative Bodies in the Preparation of Draft Laws” in the USA, “Trade Negotiations and Administrators of the Developing Countries” in Holland and so on, served as an expert of UNCTAD.

He was the participant and made speeches at over 100 International and local conferences, including Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum, June 2013; The II High Level Economic Policy Forum, World Bank, 5-6.03.2012, Baku; IOC member countries 3rd brain centers Forum, 2-3.03.2012, Baku; “Heydar Aliyev and the Economic Growth Strategy of Azerbaijan”- 28.04.2010, Baku; “Global Financial Crisis and Political Anti-crisis in the System of Public Administration: the world experience and Azerbaijan model”.

04.06.2010, Baku; “Diversification through innovation: prospects for growth”- 5-7.05.2010, Berlin; “The role of Competition policy in achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals in Countries with the transitional economy”- Baku, UNCTAD, 27-28.09.2005; “Distribution Services”- 14-16.11.2005, UNCTAD, Geneva; Trade and Development Implications of Financial Services, 20-21.09.2007, UNCTAD, Geneva; “Strengthening the Capacity in Azerbaijan to resolve issues related to Globalization” -28-29.08.2003, UNESCAP, Baku and etc.

Muradov had been serving at the Ministry of Economic Development (the Ministry of Economy and Industry) of the Republic of Azerbaijan since 2002. He had led the Department of “macro-economic Analysis and Forecasting” within 2002-2007, the department of “Foreign Trade Policy and the World Trade Organization” in 2007-2009s, the department of “Economic Policy, Analysis and Forecasting” within 2009-2014. He was a member of the Board of the Ministry of Economic Development, as well as the Group for Negotiations on membership to the World Trade Organization and the Head of the Working Group on Services.

He is the Advisor for the Civil Service.

Since 2009 A.Muradov had been serving as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Bakuelectricshabaka” OSC, member of the Commission on the State Budgetary Expenses, member of the Deposit Insurance Fund Board of Trustees, member of the Methodology Board of the State Statistics Committee; was a Deputy Chairman of the Expert Council on Economy (Economics and Law) at the Higher Attestation Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan within 2011-2014.

He speaks the English, Ukrainian and Russian Languages.

A.J.Muradov is married, has got two children.

Vice-rector for General affairs

Azizov Aziz Ismail

CONTACT Office telephone: 437-19-72 RECEPTION DAYS AND HOURS
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Mon. & Wed.02.30 pm – 04.30 pm Fridays at 10.30am – 12.30pm
Vice Rector for Economic Affairs

Zeynalov Mikayil Geray

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Fridays 10.00 am – 13.00 pm Mon. & Wed. 10.00 am – 13.00 pm
Vice-rector for Inter. Relations & Programs

Bayramov Shahin Vagif

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Mondays  15.00 pm – 17.00 pm Thursdays 15.00 pm – 17.00 pm
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Vice-rector for Science & Innovations

Bayramov Avaz Islam

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Tue. – Thu.  03.00pm – 05.00 pm Tue. – Thu.  03.00pm – 05.00 pm
Vice-rector for Education and Training Technologies

Baghirov Damat Abbas

CONTACT Office telephone: 492-35-53 RECEPTION DAYS AND HOURS
Vice-rector for Students’ Affairs

Seadet Gandilova Taghi


Assist. Prof. Azadov Eldar Hasankhan

Head of the Training Methodological Center

prof. Manafov Gabil Nadir

Master Center Director

Assist. Professor Hasanova Zohra Bilal

Information Communication Technologies Center Director

Prof. Hasanov Rasim Tapdig

Economic Investigation Scientific-research Institute director

Prof. Goyushov Rovshan Jahandar

Darband branch director

Candidate in Economy Bagirzade Elshan Rasul

Advisor to the Rector

Assist. Prof. Jamilov Mahammad Rustam

Rector’s adviser on Innovations and Strategic development

Assist. Prof. Ahmadov Nizami Ahmadali oghlu

Senior lawyer

Prof. Sadigov Elnur Mahammad oghlu


List of the Scientific Council members


Surname, Name, Patronymic
1 ChairmanProf.Muradov Adalat Jalal
2 SecretaryProf. Sadigov Elnur Mahammad
3 MembersProf. Hajiyev Shamsaddin Hummet
4 Prof. Kazimli Khanhuseyn Huseynaga
5 Acad. Abbasov Ali Mammad
6 Prof. Baghirov Damat Abbas
7 Prof. Bayramov Avaz Islam
8 Asist. Prof. Bayramov Shahin Vagif
9 Asist. Prof. Gandilova Saadat Taghi
10 PhD in Law Zeynalov Mikayil Geray
11 Azizov Aziz Ismayil
12 Ismayilov Nasimi Zakir
13 Teach. Zeynalov Parviz Vidadi
14 PhD in Economy Bagirzade Elshan Rasu
15 Assoc. Prof. Jamilov Mahammad Rustam
16 Prof. Goyushov Rovshan Jahandar
17 Prof. Hasanov Rasim Tapdiq
18 Assoc. Prof. Azadov Eldar Hasankhan
19 Prof. Manafov Gabil Nadir
20 Assoc. Prof. Israfilov Hasan Abid
21 Assoc. Prof. Hajiyev Nazim Ozbey
22 Assoc. Prof. Musayev Geray Jumshu
23 PhD. E.Gasimov Ragif Khanbala
24 S/t. Gahramanov Nizami Amir
25 Teach.Abdulzade Sadagat Imameddin
26 Sharifov Rasim Arif
27 Bunyadova Kamala Aslan
28 Assoc. Prof. Guliyev Rauf Jamil
29 S/t. Aliyev Fuad Bahadur
30 S/t. Ahmadov Nizami Ahmadali
31 Assist. Prof. Ibrahimov Zohrab Hasan
32 Assist. Prof. Sadigov Mustafa Mammad-Sadig
33 Assist. Prof. Hasanova Zohra Bilal
34 Can.on Econ. Yusifova Khalida Haji
35 Assoc. Prof. Ibrahimov Muslim Azad
36 Babayeva Saida Mammad
37 Khalilov Elchin Vagif
38 Babbayev Hikmet Akif
39 Teach. Hajiyeva Cheshmi Shamsaddin
40 Assoc. Prof. Hamodov Hamid Insaf
41 Assist. Prof. Ismayilov Niyazi Musa
42 Prof. Huseynov Vakil Nemat
43 Assoc. Prof. Guliyev Asiman Aydin
44 Assoc. Prof. Barkhudarov Mansur Isa
45 Assoc. Prof. Ibrahimli Zulfugar Huseyn
46 Prof. Dr. Eyyub Aktepe
47 Assist. Prof. Mikayilov Nuru Aghabala
48 Assist. Prof. Osmanov Tofig Ramazan
49 Assoc. Prof. Ahmadov Miragha Maharram
50 Prof. Hasanov Ali Panah
Surname, Name, Patronymic
51 Aliyev Elchin Alastun
52 Prof. Mammadov Zahid Farrukh
53 Assoc. Prof. ImanovTelman Iman
54 Hasanli Miralam Khasi
55 Assist. Prof. Hajiyev Ali Vali
56 Prof. Karayev Islam Shamil
57 Prof. Huseynov Telman Alihuseyn
58 Prof. Huseynov Telman Alihuseyn
59 Assist. Prof. Bashirov Rafig Alim
60 Assist. Prof. Kalbiyev Yashar Atakishi
61 Prof. Jafarov Hidayat Farrukh
62 Prof. Abbasova Afat Musa
63 Prof. Shahbazov Kamil Aghazaman
64 Prof. Garayev Mustafa Islam
65 Prof. Sabzeliyev Sifarish Mirzakhan
66 Prof. Yagubov Sakit Mamadi
67 Prof. Kuliyev Tofig Avaz
68 Assist. Prof. Jafarli Hanifa Alhuseyn
69 Prof. Ahmadov Mahish Alish
70 Prof. Babayev Alijan Pirijan
71 Prof. Abdullayev Bahruz Musa
72 Prof. Shakaraliyev Arif Shakarali
73 Assist. Prof. Nabiyev Najaf Huseyn
74 Prof. Ahmadov Ahmad-Jabir Ismayil
75 Prof. Farzaliyev Mazahir Hamza
76 Assist. Prof. Akbarov Maharram Ganbar
77 Assist. Prof. Abdulhasanli Tofik Abdulaziz
78 Assist. Prof. Aliyev Mahammad Alekber
79 Dr. Econ. Ahmadov Fariz Saleh
80 Can.On Ped. Rzayeva Gulnara Namik
81 Assist. Prof. Nabiyev Suleyman Bilal
82 Prof. Mammadov Zahid Ismayil
83 Assoc. Prof. Abbasbeyli Gulnisa Aghagulu
84 Prof. Mammadaliyev Zakir Gurban
85 Assist. Prof. Rzayev Rovnag Mirza
86 Assist. Prof. Mehdiyeva Valida Zulfugar
87 Assist. Prof. Hajizalov Yalchin Ibrahim
88 Assist. Prof. Bayramov Hafiz Maharram
89 Prof. Rahmanov Farhad Panah
90 Assist. Prof. Aslanov Zabit Yunis
91 Prof. Aliyev Umudvar Ganbar
92 Assist. Prof. Karimov Atik Ehsan
93 PhD.A. Mammadova Lala Hamlet
94 Prof. Karimov Asif Mati
95 Assist. Prof. Guliyeva Aida Aydin
96 Assoc. Prof. Bayramov Zafar Rafig
97 Assoc. Prof. Kerimova Tarana Isa
98 Musayev Murad Bakhtiyar
99 Gasimli Javidan Dayanat
100 Suleymanli Rufat Natig

PhD in Economy Hamidov Hamid Insaf

Head of the Doctorate Department

Assist. Prof. Sadigov Mustafa Mammadsadig

Science Department’s director

Gahramanov Nizami Amir

Head of Human Resources Department

Aliyev Fuad Bahadur

Experience and Recruitment department’s director

Assist. Prof. Ibrahimov Muslim Azad

Head of the International Relations Department

Muradov Rashad Huseyn

General department’s director

Yusifova Khalida Haci

Head of Students Department

Babayeva Saida Mammad

Military and special department’s director

Ismayilov Nasimi Zakir

Head of Financial and Accounting Department-Chief Accountant

Huseynov Kamil Aghakishi

Self- provided Publish house

Khalilov Elchin Vagif

Head of the Economic branch