Project description

The main objective of the TEMPUS Program that covers countries considered as “EU neighbours” is to introduce best practices of EU leading countries in the field of higher education to partner countries and develop higher education institutions of those countries.

UNEC was for the first time winner of the Project “Development and improvement of university administration in the field of international relations” in the framework of Tempus IV – 6th Call in 2013 in the capacity of the partner and received grant funds worth EUR 653 908.71.

This project, whichis considered as Restructuring / Administration reforms Project according to TEMPUS classification, will play an important role in strengthening the administration on relevant directions in the national education system.

Partners of the Project coordinated by UNEC are followings:

European partners:

  • University of Warwick (UW), United Kingdom
  • University of Malaga (UM), Spain
  • University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), Spain
  • University of Bologna (UB), Italy
Azerbaijani partners:

  • Baku State University (BSU)
  • Ganja State University (GSU)
  • Nakhchivan State University (NSU)
  • SumgayitState University (SSU)





Regional partners:

  • Kiev University of National Economy named after Hetman (KUNE), Ukraine
  • Poltava University of Economy and Trade (PUET), Ukraine
  • Kyrgyzstan Economic University named after Ryskulbekova (KEU), Kyrgyzstan
  • Kyrgyzstan International University (KIU), Kyrgyzstan
  • Khujand State University named after Gafurov (KSU), Tajikistan
  • Tajikistan Institute of Entrepreneurship and Services (TIES), Tajikistan

Partner state agencies (Ministries of Education):

  • Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sport of Ukraine
  • Ministry of Science and Education of Kyrgyzstan
  • Ministry of Education of the Republic of Tajikistan




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Main objectives of the Project

  • Establish an optimal and flexible International relations Department (IRD) mechanism at partner universities according to the European best practices and national development traditions
  • Determine concrete missions and tasks of IRD at partner universities
  • Create an international education environment at partner universities involving multinational students and teachers
  • Promote partner universities to turn them into higher education institutions with global relations and ensure their integration into the network of regional / global universities
  • Enter partner universities in the international rating lists


Action Plan of the Project:

Following activities are going to be implemented within the three-year project:

  • Review current status of IRD at partner universities and study IRD practices of European partners of the Project
  • Draft 3 main documents related to IRD at partner universities:
  • “Strategic development policy paper for IRD”
    “Statute of IRD”
    3. “Set of recommendations for entering the University into the international rating lists”
  • Create effective management tool for IRD at partner universities
  • Arrange study tours for IRD staff of partner universities at EU universities of the Project


Actions for 2013-2016:


  • First meeting of the Project January 27, 2014, UNEC, Azerbaijan
  • Meeting for the discussion of results of the review of the current status of IRD at partner universities and study of IRD practices of European universities
    June 2014, UNEC, Azerbaijan
  • Meeting dedicated to the evaluation of the 1st operation year of the Project
    October 2014, KUNE, Ukraine
  • Meeting dedicated to the evaluation of the2nd operation year of the Project
    October 2015, KSU, Tajikistan
  • Meeting dedicated to the evaluation of the 3rd operation year of the Project,
    October 2016, KIU, Kyrgyzstan


  • Workshop on “Learning how to review the current operation of the International relations Department of the University”,
    January 28-29 2014, UNEC, Azerbaijan
  • Training course on “Drafting of necessary documents related to IRD”
    September 2014, UNEC, Azerbaijan
  • Arranging study tours for IRD staff of partner universities at European universities of the Project:
    May 2015, University of Warwick, United Kingdom
    October 2015, University of Malaga, Spain
    February 2016, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
    April 2016, University of Bologna, Italy
  • Workshops for IRD staff from all universities participated in the project after study tours to European partner
    June 2015

November  2015
March 2016
May 2016


  • Visits of IRD staff of partner universities to the University of Warwick (United Kingdom) and the University of Malaga (Spain) to study IRD practices
    April 2014
  • Visits of IRD staff of partner universities to the University of Santiago de Compostela University (Spain) and the University of Bologna (Italy) to study IRD practices
    May 2014
  • Visits by EU partner universities to all partner universities for quality control, evaluation and monitoring
    April, 2015
    September 2016



– Project information days
July 2015, UNEC, Azerbaijan
September 2015, KUNE, Ukraine
December 2015, KIU, Republic of Kyrgyzstan
May 2016, KSU, Tajikistan
– Final conference dedicated project outcomes
November 14-15 2016, UNEC, Azerbaijan