14 Years have passed since the National Leader Heydar Aliyev set tasks before the Azerbaijan State University of Economics

The independent and modern Azerbaijan’s founder, the person who had important and great role in all fields, as well as in the development of the national economy, Heydar Aliyev had thought about the future of his Motherland and the people, in particular had identified the sustainable and strategic development directions.

The field of education, approached with special care and attention by Heydar Aliyev is today growing steadily with the political line determined by. In this sense, the value given by the Great Leader to Azerbaijan State University of Economics was felt at the time. Heydar Aliyev had expressed the activity directions of the higher education institution and the objectives set towards in the full sense in his significant speech made within the solemn ceremony of the 70th Anniversary of Azerbaijan State University of Economics on June 13 2002.

As usual, the National Leader was optimistic still. With his phrase “We have our national education” expressed with pride, he thought off the hard work of many years and success achieved. Along with venerable professors made great contributions and achievements in Azerbaijan science, development of skilled young cadres loyal with their country had taken place in the Great Leader’s proud speech. At this point, the phrase “Let’s keep this boon firmly” identified the main task for the future of our education.

One of the tasks set before the Azerbaijan State University of Economics’ staff 14 years ago is the development of economic conception works in accordance with the state policy. He also emphasized that the articles written in the concept of economic conception of the past are by no means incompatible with the country’s economy. He defined as one of the main objectives the studying world experience, adjustment of theories with the national economy for the improvement of the people’s welfare and further development of Azerbaijan economy in front of the personnel.

Diligently serving to his Motherland, the Great Leader asked the teaching staff not to begrudge their participation in delivering economic policy to the masses and advised them to train the young generation meeting the requirements of a market economy. The National Leader’s mentioning that the economists are the owners of the most influential profession in the labor market was an example of great respect to this major.

Genius personality Heydar Aliyev stressed that to take the economy forward, to join the complex financial and economic systems of the world we need modern, well- prepared and mastered young people with the foreign language fluency.

Today 14 years had elapsed from the objectives set by the National Leader Heydar Aliyev. Azerbaijan State University of Economics works hardly accomplish this task and continues to meet the National Leader’s expectations with honor.


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