Turkish state company has delivered the lecture for the students of SABAH


The representative of the Small and Medium Industry Development Organization of the Turkish Republic  (KOSGEB)  Emre Kurnaz visited the UNEC.

E.Kurnaz has delivered the lecture for the students of  SABAH in the subject of “Economy of the firm”.

E.Kurnaz , delivering the lecture on the topic of innovative enterpreneurship, spoke about the importance of forming the tradition of innovative enterpreneurship and increasing the knowledge in this area. The meeting focused on the exchange of views in the direction of  the methodologies of  “research and the development”, “innovation and the support to its appliance in industry programs”, “the key enterpreneurship concept”, “the market research”, “the types and functions of the business”, “Canvas model of business”, “Lean start-up”, “Design thinking”.

E.Kurnaz, assessing positively the knowledge of the sudents of SABAH, said that their discussion skills were of high level.

 About KOSGEB: has been established in 1990 with the aim to help to increase the share and impact  of  the Small and Medium Enterprises to meet the economic and social needs in the Turkish Republic, and enhancing their effeiciency and the competitive capacity, as well.  The mentioned organization supports the small and medium sized enterpreneurs providing them with the direct financial support, presenting the soft loans, consulting services, and assisting to enter into the foreign market.

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