Presentation of Adaptive Education Platform has been launched at UNEC


Because of that, Azerbaijan State University of Economics uses the capabilities of educational centers and companies that train the strongest software programmers.

As it  has been informed, the head of the department “System Programming” at St. Petersburg State University, prof. Andrey Nikolayevich Terekhov, Marat Nemeshov, the head teacher of the department, Igor Sarychev, the general manager of  Lanit-Tercom company which are known all over the world on IT programming, trained professionals of which are working in the most famous companies, have started seminars since yesterday. Vice-rectors of UNEC, heads of relevant faculties, schools, departments and lecturers have joined the seminar, which was also attended by prof A.N.Terekhov. The speaker spoke widely about the application of adaptive technologies in e-learning. He said that using these technologies would allow each learner to choose their own education and training program. The application of these technologies will also allow educators to monitor student activities, make changes to individual curricula regularly, to share lessons, taking into account the individual features of a learner, to identify problems that we face on time and resolve them. In short, adaptive and intellectual technologies will significantly improve the quality of e-learning.

At the end, the participants’ questions were answered.

Also Professor A.N.Terekhov, the head of the department of “System Programming” has given a lecture on “The history of graphic technology programming at SPSU”. The lecture was attended by second and third year students, who are studying in the Russian branch of the faculty of Technology and Design majoring in Information Technology and Systems Engineering.

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