Round- table discussion held at UNEC: “Export- oriented Clustering in Condition of Macro- economic Reality”


A round-table discussion on “Export-oriented Clustering in Condition of Macro-economic Reality” was held at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) on December 18.

During the event organized by the Student Scientific Society of the Faculty of International Economic Relations and the Center for Student Investigations the teaching staff member of the Department International Trade and Customs Namig Muradov reported that Azerbaijan has extensive trade relations with the countries near and far. In recent years, the influence of political and economic processes to our country’s foreign trade relations presents itself in real. The negative balance in the import and export operations in most countries strengthens the need to establish competitive export-oriented production areas. Especially the escalation of Turkey-Russia relations recently has created favorable conditions for the entrance of Azerbaijani goods into Russian market.

Event was followed with discussions.

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