“Exemplary Classes” related with the application of “Electronic University Model” start at UNEC

28 JUNE 2016 | VIEWS:

“Exemplary Classes” start at Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC). The “Exemplary Classes” related with the application of the “Electronic University Model” will be held in Azerbaijani, Russian, English and Turkish. The aim of the classes is to make UNEC Professors familiar with innovative teaching methods, rules of “Electronic University Model” and to benefit from the Professors’ experiences who successfully apply the model.

First “Exemplary Class” was held in Azerbaijani. UNEC’s Professor Yashar Kelbiyev conducted the class on “Value Added Tax” in front of 38 Professors. Y. Kelbiyev especially demonstrated how to use electronic platform during the lesson.

The lesson was broadcast via UNEC’s official Youtube channel.

The next “exemplary class” will be held on July 1.

Note: The “Electronic University Model” is successfully applied at the main academic building of UNEC beginning from 2015/2016 academic year. The model will be applied in other academic buildings of the university from the new academic year. Trainings attended by 900 academic staff members on all UNEC Chairs started to be held in relation with the efficient usage of “Electronic University Model”.

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