The “Open door” days related to the exam semester have started at UNEC

06 JANUARY 2018 | VIEWS:

On January 6, the UNEC hosted the “Open door” day.

On the “Open door” day dedicated to the winter exam semester, along with the UNEC rector, professor Adalat Muradov, the coordinator of the Public Supervisory Board, the head of the “XXI Century” Education Center Public Association Etibar Aliyev, the expert in education Malahat Murshudlu and the correspondent of the “525-th newspaper” Sevinj Garayeva received the appeals of the students and parents.

A.Muradov, for the purpose of operative investigation of the appeals and taking actions in timely manner, gave the instructions to the relevant structural units.

The education expert M.Murshudlu connected the low number of appeals on the first “Open door” day dedicated to the winter examination semester with the properly organized work: “This year, for the first time at UNEC, the exam commission had been established in all faculties under the chairmanship of the deans. The commission makes the appropriate decisions in the direction of the operative solution of the problems arising during the semester, takes the necessary measures for eliminating the deficiencies in the subordinate chairs related to the substantive appeals. All these provide the operational solution of the problems arising within the semester”.

It should be noted that, the “Open door” days will be held every Saturday, until the end of the exam semester. The next “Open door” day will be held on January 13. For participating in the “Open door” day you should call the landline number 492 59 03.

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