UNEC holds Elections for Heads of Chairs

10 JANUARY 2017 | VIEWS:

Elections for the vacant places of the Heads of Chairs have been held at UNEC. Bidders possessing high-skill, scientific titles and degrees, necessary scientific and pedagogical and administrative experience with high moral qualities participated in the elections held on a competitive basis.

The relevant commission to ensure the transparency and impartiality of elections was defined by UNEC’s Academic Board and Rector, Professor Adalat Muradov’s decree. Meetings attended by the Chairman of Commission and the Dean of the School have been arranged to learn the opinion of the chair in connection with the candidates of the post of Head of Chair. A decision has been made by a simple majority of votes after the applicants’ documents were examined. In the next stage, appropriate opinion of the chair about the candidates was submitted to commission and the individual interviewing was conducted with them. Then a survey was held to determine the bidders’ leadership abilities and skills; the relevant chairs’ opinions were investigated and debates were made.

On the basis of the positive reference submitted by the chair according to UNEC Rector’s relevant decision assignments to the posts of the Head of Chairs of “Statistics”, “Regulation of Economy”, “Trade and Customs Organization”, “Technological Machines and Field Equipment”, “Economy and Management of Social Sphere”, “Management”, “Business Administration” were made. Contract for 5 years was signed by the newly appointed Heads of Chairs.

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