Admission of Document for the IDDP starts at UNEC

26 JULY 2017 | VIEWS:

Admission for the Internal Double Diploma Program (IDDP) starts at UNEC:

The IDDP will be applied in the International School of Economics within the 2017/2018 academic year.

Students should meet the following requirements to take the Program:

1. To be a second-year undergraduate student;

2. To earn credits on subjects envisaged throughout the entire study period, and to earn a total of 81-100 points in each subject.

 Required documents:

  • Application written to the Rector;
  • Academic transcript (ECTS indicated);
  • A letter of recommendation by the Faculty Dean;
  • Motivation letter


Further information about the IDDP program is available here

Documents should be sent to
Deadline is August 21 2017

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