New standards for teaching foreign languages at UNEC


esas_bina_170918UNEC introduces new standards based on international experience in teaching a foreign language.  

According to the new standards applied in  2019/2020 academic year, students are taught English on listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. The aim of the new standards applied at  all UNEC faculties is to further increase students’ foreign language proficiency and training highly qualified economist  students and young researchers who can do research in foreign languages.

UNEC has approved an action plan for the implementation of the new standards. According to the action plan, English textbook, sillabus and exam questions have been  prepared according to specialties. In order to develop listening  skill, linguaphone cabinets have been installed in all the academic buildings of the university.

Students’ language knowledge on listening, reading, writing and speaking skills  will be assessed based on international experience.

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