New Winter School arranged by UNEC


The opening of the Winter School arranged at the Guba Training, Sports and Recreation Center of UNEC has taken place on February 11. Delivering the information about the innovations applied at UNEC, THE Director of the Department Rasim Sharifov said that the improvement of the quality of education, increasing the academic staff’s scientific potential and their teaching skills and studying overseas experience in this area are the priorities of the university. He spoke about the training of 132 instructors a year before in the Guba Training, Sports and Recreation Center, significance of the participation of foreign professors in the process and the essence of sending teachers to the prestigious universities.

The participants of the training were informed that 18 UNEC teachers, Deans and Heads of Departments were on business at the Universities of Uludagh, Sakarya and Suleyman Demirel of Turkey from February 6 to 10. Future cooperation opportunities were debated between the Professors and their Turkish colleagues and acquaintance with the higher education system of the prestigious universities were realized within the trip. The topics of the meetings were conducting joint scientific researches, writing joint scientific articles and development of relevant textbooks. It was also highlighted that the kind of trainings will be continued in the future and UNEC teachers will be sent not only to Turkey but also to other higher education institutions of the world, including Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi.

Noting that the Winter School is directed to improvement of UNEC teachers’ modern teaching skills, the Center Director Ragif Gasimov delivered the information about the trainings attended by 120 instructors. He said the trainings on creation of modern curriculum, management facilities for structures of the seminars and lectures, the use of modern ICT applications such as “ePortfolios” and “Snagit” during the lessons, enhancing the academic staff’s leadership and management skills, including methods of assessment and interactive management of the auditorium will be conducted in the school.

Advisor to the Rector of Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi Imran Mukhtarov, Professors Rida Blaik Hourani and Litz David Richard who support the innovations realized at UNEC, stressed that the trainings will be beneficial in terms of enhancing instructors’ teaching skills, their leadership and management abilities and management of lecture room with interactive methods.

First training started directly after opening. The trainings will last until February 15. The participants will be awarded certificates. The awarding of certificates is planned to be held in the Embassy of France.

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