The new Start-up Projects of UNEC: Mobiles will be muted during the Classes


Two start-up projects by the graduate students of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) became the winner of the granting competition held by the State Fund on the Development of Information Technologies.

The realization of the Projects “SoSmart” and “Whatto” developed by the graduate students Zulfugar Ismayilzade majoring on Management at UNEC will be carried out at the Innovative Business Incubator of the University.

“SoSmart” is an application turning the telephones into the muting or vibrating modes automatically depending on the venue and time. The main character of “SoSmart” is its application to the education system. The schoolchildren’s and students’ mobiles will be automatically turned into the modes of muting or vibrating in accordance with their time-table. On that ground, students’ are to download their time-tables to their mobiles.

This will eliminate the problems of the evasion of the students’ and pupils’ attention during the lesson. The technological innovation of the application is the management of mobile phone through the geo-location. Almost in all mobile phones there is GPS function. The venue is determined mainly with the help of this function. New functions are to be included to the application.

The “Whatto” project is the application which allows gathering the user’s wardrobe and daily clothes together. The application will present the user dress form in accordance with the days of the week, business meetings, events and weather condition. For this reason, the user should take the photos of his/her wardrobe and include it to the program. The mobile application will take into account the color and the vision of the closes.

The application “Whatto” will ease the shopping process for its user. It aims to assist the people look neat and beautiful every day.

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