Assistant Professor of UNEC research Technological Characteristics of Foodstuff

Assistant Professor of UNEC’s Department of “Technology of Foodstuff” Elza Omarova took part in the XI International Scientific-technical Conference held in the Republic of Belarus.

The conference held in the Mogilyov Food University of Belarus was on “Technology and Techniques of Foodstuff”.

Scientific-research works on investigation of the technological properties of various food products, technological processes to improve production technology, the development of new technologies in food production, sustainable food problem and the ways to increase the biological value of food products were discussed within the conference.

UNEC’s Associate Professor made reports on “Features of protopektin complex in the cell of raw and cooked vegetables” and “Research of some Foodstuff”.

Elza Omarova was awarded a special diploma of the conference represented by the scholars of the prestigious higher education institutions of Russia and CIS countries and the Europe, scientific research institutes.



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