Orientation Day for newly enrolled students will be held at UNEC


LOGO-UNEC-YENİOn September 13, Azerbaijan State   University of   Economics   (UNEC) will host a traditional “Orientation Day” for newly enrolled students.

The purpose of the annual “Orientation Day”, which is traditionally held at world universities, is to introduce university life   to new students,  to provide them with extensive information about the educational process, to have a fun and positive day.

On the Orientation Day, which will be held at all UNEC academic buildings and at  Zagatala branch, tutors and teacher- mentors will inform newly enrolled students and student volunteers will guide them on campus trips.

They will be informed about the activities and the projects implemented on the Student Organizations’ stands . For the first time this year, UNEC Startup and Enactus stands will also be introduced to the   students. There will be a demonstration of ideas on the stands of UNEC Startups as well as the involvement of new team members will be organized. Enactus team of UNEC will provide information about international competition   on the stand, show projects up to date ; will accept the membership of the students  who wish to compete in this year’s competition.

UNEC Career Center will provide career guidance for newly enrolled students, deal about the activity of the Centre. In addition, this year, for the first time, a Career Planning Test for newly enrolled students will be organized.

The event will feature performances by members of the UNEC Creative Center, entertainment and intellectual games, as well as table tennis, volleyball, badminton, art exhibitions and other positive activities.

Orientation Day will be held in all UNEC academic   buildings from 10:00 am to 15:00 pm on September 13. In addition to the newly enrolled students, their parents and other guests are also invited to the event.

The Orientation Day will be organized at the following academic buildings on the faculties:

International School of Economics, Faculty of Finance and Accounting, Distance, correspodence and additional professional education center  –  Academic Building I (Istiqlaliyyet Street, 6);

Faculty of Economics, Technology and Design, Expertise and Standardization, Russian School of Economics – 2nd Academic Building (Hasan Aliyev Street, 135);

Faculties of Business and Management and Turkish World Economy –  IV Academic Building (Abbas Sahat Street, 45 A).

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