We are presenting the “UNEC Expert” magazine

12 JANUARY 2018 | VIEWS:


The special edition of the magazine “UNEC Expert” founded by the Azerbaijan State Economic University dedicated to the crypto currency was released.

Taking into account the numerous requests of the public we are presenting the electronic version of the “UNEC Expert” magazine.

In the special issue of the “UNEC Expert” magazine, the readers will be able to get acquainted with the features , mechanisms, economic and the legal aspects of the crypto currency market, which has become the most important part of the global economics, and which is of the greatest interest to the world community, as well as to our country. Along with the 27 UNEC experts, the magazine also provides for the first time the foreign expert view. Ruslan Makarov, the prominent Russian expert on the digital economy and the e-finances, has given the extensive information on the legal regulation of the digital economy, the concept of e-money, and its function.

The magazine is published with the delicate design twice in a year.

The electronic version of the “UNEC Expert” magazine should be downloaded here.


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