“UNEC Expert”: Reserve currency, national currency in the international trade

08 JANUARY 2019 | VIEWS:

The 6-th issue of the “UNEC Expert” magazine has been published.

The magazine, published twice in a year, has gained a large reader audience, touching upon the most topical issues of the economy.

The new edition of the magazine includes the articles devoted to such subjects as the reserve currencies, money transfers, the national currency in the international trade. The readers will be able to find the answers to the questions related to the reserve currencies, such as “should the number of the world reserve currencies be increased?”, FES print machine or gold standards, “Will the dollar lose its reserve currency status?” and other questions in this regard. Those, who are interested in remittances will get acquainted with the Internet Banking System Services in modern times, the problems of using and regulation of electronic money in the country, as well as, the current status and prospects of the international money transfer market in Azerbaijan.  The researches of the UNEC experts the issues of dollarization, Eurozone and the risks of small countries regarding the national currency in the international trade, the problem of dependence on dollar of oil exporting countries, future prospects of oil sale in national currency, as well as other topical issues had been published in the magazine.

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