UNEC Employee has spoken about Azerbaijan’s Experience in the Field of Multiculturalism in the US

15 APRIL 2016 | VIEWS:

Vice-rector of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) for International Affairs and Programs, Associate Professor Shahin Bayramov has made an extensive presentation on “Multiculturalism in Higher Education: new approaches” within the event held at the Pennsylvania State University of the US. The event has been organized within the Hubert H. Humphrey Program held by the US State Department and the Institute of International Education.

Sh.Bayramov has delivered detailed information about the research project and the main results of the project intended as the participant of the mentioned program. He has talked about the essence and main components of multiculturalism, theoretical and conceptual approaches on the existing multicultural education and the aims of multicultural education.

Sh.Bayramov has drawn to attention the multiculturalism which has ancient history in Azerbaijan, acceptance of modern Azerbaijan society as a true example of tolerance and the implementation of targeted measures in the field of multiculturalism. He especially highlighted the “Baku Process” launched in 2008, Baku International Multiculturalism Center established in 2014 and the declaration of 2016 the “Year of Multiculturalism” by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Emphasizing our country to give significant contributions to the movement of international multiculturalism, Sh.Bayramov has provided the participants with the information about the IV Global Baku Forum on “Towards the Multi-polar World” held in March of the current year, as well as the VII Global Forum of UN Civilizations Alliance to be hosted by our country recently.

Sh.Bayramov has also brought to the participants’ attention that the multicultural values are paid especial attention in all fields of the social life and in education, teaching of the discipline “Multiculturalism in many higher education institutions, development of the training facility “Azerbaijani Multiculturalism” by Baku International Multiculturalism Center and the realization of teaching the course of “Azerbaijani Multiculturalism” in some universities of the world.

Sh.Bayramov announced the publishing of the relevant article and the implementation of the seminar on the results of the research are being planned to be implemented within the research. He responded variety of questions by the participants of the event.


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