UNEC’s Employees attended a Seminar held in Swiss

03 OCTOBER 2016 | VIEWS:

The second seminar of the “Nizami” Project on “The Adapting and Structuring Doctoral Studies in Azerbaijan with the standards of the Common European Higher Education Area” was held in Uppsala city of Swiss Kingdom within the “Erasmus+” Program. The Director of the Doctoral Studies of Azerbaiajn State University of Economics (UNEC) Hamid Hamidov and the International Relations Department expert Aysel Musayeva attended the seminar. UNEC employees delivered the information about the innovation held in doctorate education at the university. They spoke about the harmonization of the doctoral studies in line with the European standards, as well as the advantages of its internationalization. Broad discussions on stimulating the publication of articles in journals with impact factor, creation of the analytic laboratories and signing of contracts of dual leadership were made.

Along with UNEC, the representatives of other partner universities attended the workshop held in relation with the project coordinated by the University of Montpellier of France.

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