UNEC’s International Students speak about Armenian Barbarism


Students of Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) have visited the Guba Genocide Memorial Complex. The tour made by the students from Germany, Turkey, Russia, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Iran, Kuwait, China, Nigeria, Afghanistan, UAE and other countries was arranged under the motto “Go, see, know and share”.

The trip was targeted in making the foreign students of UNEC familiar with Graveyard of Genocide which is the visual evidence of massacres committed by Armenian in Guba in 1918. UNEC’s Student-rector Shahin Hasanov informed the overseas students of UNEC that Guba civilians were tortured and murdered by Armenian armed forces. Students visited the mass burial site said they were stunned by the signs of slaughter committed by Armenians in Guba province.

Students called at the Guba Genocide Memorial Complex became familiar with the images of Guba city in early twenties century, construction and landscaping affairs made there that time and photos reflecting the lifestyle of the population.

International students shared the information about the Armenian atrocities and crimes perpetrated against Azerbaijani people by posting photos taken in the mass burial cemetery via the #GraveyardofGenocide#SoykirimMezarligi hash tags. They emphasized the graveyard as a brutal crime against humanity.

Afterwards, students got acquainted with the history, cultural and tourism opportunities of Guba region.

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